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Whether playing a villain or a good guy, he was always a welcome screen presence. Welcome to watchmojo.com. And today we're counting down our picks for the top ten Alan Rickman performances. For this list we're taking a look at those performances that show off this actor at his finest and or most memorable, though Alan Rickman also tried his hand at directing. We're focusing on his performances in front of the camera here.

Number ten. Judge Turpin, "Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of fleet street". To bring one of the bloody (?)of musicals in existence to life. Tim Burton cast some of his favorites.(?) joining Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham carter is Alan Rickman as the absolute villain in a world of wrong doers. As judge Turpin, the Englishman reveals how evil he can be and he must be, in order to set himself apart from the cabalistic pie makers and butchering barbers of the world. Meanwhile, Sweeney Todd would be nothing without turbine, and the film would be missing the darkness and villainous flavor that Rickman effortlessly brings. One thing's for certain ――Alan Rickman's deep bass voice whether spoken or sung can cut like a razor.

Number nine. Marvin the paranoid Android, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. This next century is a little bit out there in a galaxy far far away. The film may be hard to grasp for those of us who haven't been (?) on the Douglas Adam's (?)Si-fi series that inspired it. But even so Marvin the paranoid Android with GPP (genuine people personality) is definitely someone we've all known at some time or another. And what called the terminal creature by Roger Ebert, this medically depressed robot was brought to life by Rickman in a deadpan fashion that he absolutely mastered. One thing to remember, if you ever cross paths with this Android, though, it may not wanna talk to Marvin about life.

Number eight. Harry, "love actually". Rickman's character isn't exactly a villain (?), but we still don't really like him. However, thanks to Richman's skill, we can empathize with Harry’s choices regardless. Love actually both the star-studded cast with colliding plots. It also sees the reunion of frequent co-stars Rickman and Emma Thompson in a story where they really had to act like they had no onscreen chemistry whatsoever. Though he seems too nice to play a cheating husband going for a younger woman, Rickman manages to bring an aloof quality to Harry, breaking our hearts as his wife gets wise(?)And that scene where Rickman buying the necklace from Rowan Atkinson, nail biting and unforgettable.

Number seven. Jamie, “truly, madly, deeply”. If you want to see Alan Rickman sing and recite Spanish poetry, this is the film for you. When Rickman's character, the cellist Jamie dies, his girlfriend Juliet Stevenson’s Nina is inconsolable. So Jamie returns as a ghost to live up with Nina’s world once more. It’s sometimes unclear how both Nina and the audience are supposed to feel about Jamie, who seems like a nuisance when he lets friends come over unannounced. Oh, and we should probably mention that these are dead friends when he's hidden agenda for his loutish behavior is revealed. However, it's truly heartbreaking.

Number six. Metatron, “Dogma”. So there's a movie where Jay and Silent Bob are prophets who have to stop two angels from exploiting a loophole in Catholicism. Okay. And Alan Rickman is the voice of god now that we can believe. As you may expect, Dogma was met with some controversy. But even so, it's introspective, witty, and ironically down to earth, just like Rickman and his character Metatron. Rickman’s part in this land of misfit is to help drive the plot along. With his performance being a sarcastic take on biblical figures for a modern world, he is the exact type of angel we hope to meet.

Number five. Colonel Brandon, “sense and sensibility”. Ah, Jane Austen. This adaptation of one of her earlier works sees Rickman as an older suitor to Kate Winslet’s Marianne, the younger sister of Elinor as played by Emma Thompson. The sisters and their mother in typical Austin fashion are at a disadvantage financially. And therefore their marriage prospects are limited until they look in the right direction. Colonel Brandon as portrayed by Rickman is an honest and truthful man. He's willing to sacrifice knowledge about his past mistakes save the woman he loves and her family from both scandal and unhappy marriage. And the emotion Rickman puts into the role is what really makes it work.

Number four. Alexander Dane, “galaxy quest”. If not for Alan Rickman, the Miss Congeniality of film sets, we think Alexander Dane was more truth than fiction. His is the story of an actor torn from his admirable routes on the Shakespearean stage to be stuck forever in a purgatory where he must repeat his one famed television line over and over again. Galaxy quest seized a star-studded cast, portray actors and listed by a group of aliens to save their race from a pending doom. But Rickman plays Dane as frenzied, morose and just plain cranky. Now give us a final “by grappa’s Hammer(?), you shall be avenged. Okay?(实在听不出来what)enough, Alan.

Number three. George, Sheriff of Nottingham, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. Put away all utensils, especially the spoons. Probably the least critically acclaimed film on this list, but one of the most beloved by audiences. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is our guilty pleasure, and Alan Rickman lies at the heart of how awesome it is. The story of Robin Hood would be incomplete without the government official who spots him at every turn. And here sheriff has the added aspirations of becoming king and replacing Richard the lion heart. The movie has a weird blend of gore and darkness, but we can't help but be captivated by the high energy, hysterically evil Alan Rickman as the maddest villain who isn't afraid of taking names and ruin on holidays.

Number two. Hans Gruber, “Die Hard”. Not only is Hans Gruber Rickman’s best villain, he's one of the best villains ever period. Gruber is a terrorist with a brain, an accent, and a plan. No, he doesn't actually wear any. Bruce Willis fills the shoes of Gruber’s nemesis——John McClane and his chemistry with Rickman is especially remarkable considering they spend almost none of the movie face to face. This casting was a risky move since Willis was known more for comedy and Rickman had only done TV at the time. Lucky for them and for us. Rickman’s quintessential portrayal of the foreign batty make die hard, the holiday movie will never stop quoting happy trails.

Before we unveil our Number one pick, here are some honorable mentions.

Number one. Severus Snape, the “Harry Potter” franchise. While the Harry Potter movies were spectacularly cast across the board, the standout was Rickman as Snape, a misunderstood figure caught between the dark and the light. Rickman plays the character with emotion and death and is considered the villain for the majority of the series. Combining his skill as a bad guy and his reputation as one of the nicest actors around, Rickman was able to deliberately and suddenly conceal the true feelings of his character, which made him perfect to play one of the most tragic figures of the millennial generation. When it comes down to it, his portrayal is something that we will always remember.

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